PLAZMA CZ Ltd. - a professional not only for metallurgical material cutting

Our company, PLAZMA CZ Ltd. began to operate on the market in the second half of 2008, especially in the field of metallurgical material plasma cutting. The main advantage of this advanced technology is achieving a maximum effect, resulting in a really clean cut and perfectly smooth surface that complies with all ČNS ISO standards.

For our customers we provide all plasma cutting of metallurgical material - sheet metal cutting and precision cutting of bar material (pipes, profiles, etc.). All activity is performed using CNC controlled plasma cutting machine that excels in high cutting speeds and easily copes even with high strength structural steels cutting.

Full range of products for construction and reconstruction

Since early 2010 we expanded our range of services also by selling a complete range of products from the field of metallurgical and fastening material, economical needs, labor tools and protective equipment for construction and reconstruction.

Our novelty is a fence center, which offers a wide range of products designed to fence off and protect property - fencing, posts, rails, ornamental fencing, gates, etc., for a really competitive prices.